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Jade Plant

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Jade plant is a slow growing evergreen succulent which is very well liked among people for both indoor interior and outdoor plant in non-freezing climates. Jade plant promotes joy, success and better health. In Feng Shui Jade plant is the symbol of good luck and consistency.

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Package- A healthy Jade Plant (Without pot)

Plant Description:

Common Name- Jade plant

Scientific Name- Crassula ovata

Family- Crassulaceae

Origin- South Africa

Jade plant is a slow growing evergreen succulent which is very well liked among people for both indoor interior and outdoor plant in non-freezing climates. Jade plant promotes joy, success and better health. In Feng Shui Jade plant is the symbol of good luck and consistency.

Benefits/Uses- Jade plant improves indoor air quality. This plant increases humidity. As per Feng Shui jade plant helps to open the energy flow of the body. 

Growing Conditions-

1.Soil- Like other houseplants Jade plant also prefers well drained gritty soil mix. Potting soil, sand and perlite can be used as a potting mix for Jade plant. Other than perlite we can use pumice or vermiculite.

2.Watering- Jade plants are succulents, they store water in their fleshy leaves. They don’t do well in constantly moist soil. Watering in every 2-4 weeks can be preferable. Always check the plants before watering and avoid overwatering.

3.Temperature- a warm, dry climate is best suitable for jade plant. It also grows best in room temperature at a range between 18°C- 24°C. It prefers slightly cooler temperature at night. Night temperature below 10°C can be harmful for the plant.

4.Humidity- Jade plant prefers dry environment for better growth. It grows well in a humidity range between 30%-50%. They can also thrive in average room humidity. The plant is sensitive to frost. So don’t expose the plant to frost conditions.

5.Light Requirements- Jade plant should receive at least 6 hours of bright sunlight. Indirect filtered light is preferable. Direct light can be given to plant in the morning only.

6.Fertilization- Jade plant don’t require more fertilizer requirements. Fertilizing should be done in every 2-4 months during growing season can be beneficial with a nitrogenous fertilizer. Balanced NPK can be applied during spring and summer.

7.Flowering- Jade plant blooms small white or pink flowers in spring to summer months.

8.Important Diseases-

Root rot - Jade plant store water in their fleshy leaves. So there is no need to overwater the plant. It is very sensitive to waterlogging condition. Symptoms like drooping of leaves, dark, soft stem or leaves, mushy roots are observed during root rot. to treat the plant at first remove the plant out of the pot, clean as much soil out of the root as possible, prune all this mushy an damaged root and then leave the plant in the air till the root become dry. After that repot the plant with well drained succulent potting mix.

On the other hand spotty, discoloured, drooping leaves show symptoms of drought stress. Water the plant thoroughly to get rid of this problem.

9.Important Pests- The most important pest which attack jade plant is mealy bug and spider mite. Treat the plant by swabbing the entire plant with cotton swab dipping in rubbing alcohol. After that rinse the plant with water or any insecticidal soap solution.

10.Pruning and Maintenance- Pruning of Jade plant basically done for denser leaf growth, thicker stem and most importantly to remove dead or diseased part of the plant. The plant is also pruned to make bonsai. Jade plants are very slow growing g, so there is no need to repot the plant frequently. The plant can be repotted in every few years during any time of the year.

11.Propagation- The Jade plant one of the easiest plants to propagate by Leaf and stem cuttings. Propagating through leaf can be possible but it will take long time to show new growth. Propagating through stem cutting is more feasible and take less time as compared to leaf propagation. Always take thick stem cuttings with several nodes for better results. 


Perennial, Evergreen succulent


Improves air quality, increases humidity level. Used as a low maintenance houseplant for good luck and consistency.

Planting Time

Anytime of the year except very cold winter


Well drained gritty soil


Once in every 2-4 weeks


18°C- 24°C, night temperature below 10°C is not preferable for jade plant.


Prefers dry warm climate. around a humidity of 30%-50% is preferable

Light Requirements

At least 6 hours of bright indirect sunlight. morning direct sunlight can be given to plants


Do not have much fertilizer requirements, fertilizing every 2- 4 months with nitrogenous fertilizer or balanced water soluble fertilizer


Small white or pinkish flowers, occurs during spring and summer months.

Important Diseases

Root Rot

Important Pests

Mealy bugs, spider mites


Pruning can be done for denser leaf growth, thicker stem and to remove dead and damaged leaves

Dormancy Period



Stem Cuttings or leaf propagation

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