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Good Luck plant combo

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This combo contains good luck plants: 1) Money plant 2) Lucky Bamboo 3) Snake plant 4) Jade plant

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Image(s) are for reference. Actual product might vary in some aspects like shape, size etc, from the one given in the image(s). However, we ensure what you get is close to the image(s) and of high quality. Our target is to deliver a healthy and well built plant. So relax after ordering and wait for an excellent delivery from Bharat Vumi  that will bring smile on your face.

Elevate your space with our Special collection of plants which are  believed to bring good luck and positive energy. Each plant of this combo carries symbolic significance. These plants not only add a touch of beauty to an indoor space but also they require minimal maintenance and making it ideal choice for beginner and expert plant enthusiasts.

Care Instructions-

  • Avoid expositing the plants in direct sunlight.
  • Don't overwater the plants.
  • Keep the plants in a place where it gets bright, indirect light.
  • Use a well drained potting mix for planting.
  • All the four plants can be propagated in water. 

This combo contains good luck plants contains-

1) Money plant

2) Lucky Bamboo

3) Snake plant

4) Jade plant

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