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Bharat Vumi Horn Meal: Buy 1 Get 1 Free for Double Flavor

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Type: Horn Meal Physical State: Powder Application: Usually by mixing into the soil or applying as a top dressing. Storage: Keep in a dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight to maintain its effectiveness. Source: Derived from ground and processed animal horns. Usage: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants, including flowers, vegetables, and shrubs. Benefits: Rich in nitrogen, essential for promoting healthy leaf growth and overall plant vigor. Also aids in root development and enhances soil fertility. Packaging: Available in various quantities to suit different gardening needs, ranging from small packets to bulk orders. Compatibility: Can be used alone or in combination with other organic fertilizers and soil amendments for comprehensive plant nutrition.

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Horn meal is a  natural and effective fertilizer for your plants, packed with nutrients essential for plant growth, horn meal is derived from animal horns and hooves, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious gardeners.

Benefits of Horn Meal Fertilizer:

Promotes healthy growth, root development, and leaf shine.

High nitrogen content boosts plant vigor.

Slow-release formula ensures long-term nourishment.

Suitable for all types of plants, including flowering and blooming varieties.

Why Choose Horn Meal Fertilizer?

Environmentally friendly organic khad: Made from organic sources which offers a natural and eco-friendly solution for plant nutrition.

Sustainability: Supports sustainable gardening practices.

Safe for indoor plants: Provides essential nutrients without harmful chemicals.

Make the switch to horn meal fertilizer today and watch your garden thrive naturally.

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