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Bharat Vumi Bone Meal (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

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Type: Bone Meal Physical State: Powder or granular form. Application: Best applied by incorporating into the soil before planting or as a side dressing during the growing season. Storage: Store bone meal in a cool, dry place. Source: Produced from finely ground animal bones, typically from cattle or poultry. Usage: Ideal for promoting strong root development, blooming, and overall plant health in a variety of plants, including flowers, vegetables, and trees. Packaging: Available in different sizes,from small bags for home gardeners to larger quantities for agricultural use. Compatibility: Bone meal can be used alone or blended with other organic fertilizers to provide a complete nutrient profile for plants.

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Bone meal fertilizer is an eco-friendly and nutrient-rich choice for gardeners seeking natural solutions for plant nutrition. Derived from finely ground animal bones, bone meal offers numerous benefits for plant growth and vitality.

Benefits of Bone Meal Fertilizer:

Enhanced Plant Growth: Promotes healthy growth, robust root development, and glossy leaves.

Rich in Nitrogen: Boosts plant vigor with essential nutrients for lush foliage and strong stems.

Versatile Usage: Suitable for all plant types, offering comprehensive nutrition for the entire garden.

Why Choose Bone Meal Fertilizer?

High Phosphorus Content: Bone meal is high in phosphorus, essential for promoting root development and flower production 

Calcium Enrichment: Packed with calcium, bone meal strengthens plant cell walls, reducing the risk of diseases.

Nitrogen Source: Bone meal  contain nitrogen, supporting healthy leaf growth and overall plant vigor.

Balanced Nutrition: Bone meal provides a balanced nutrient profile for plants.

Organic and Sustainable: Derived from organic sources like animal bones, bone meal is environmentally friendly and supports sustainable gardening practices.

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